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120 Hz Displays In All iPhones By 2023 At The Earliest? When Will All iPhones Get ProMotion?

Apple's "ProMotion" feature which enables an image refresh rate of up to 120 Hz in the iPhone 13 is a relatively new feature. Thus far, only the iPhone 13 Pro and Max models support it. In many cases, users notice a direct difference in smoothness when scrolling or viewing animations. Just recently, a report was released with some exciting news for the next generation of iPhones: ProMotion could come to all versions of the iPhone 14. However, the prognosis is likely unrealistic according to respected tech analyst Ross Young – per whom those in want of ProMotion on the iPhone 14 are likely to still have to shell out some extra cash for the feature.

Analyst Claims All iPhone 14 Models To Receive ProMotion
Some Apple features that were once exclusive to Pro products have since made their way over to the standard models. Take for example the Apple Pencil, previously exclusive to the iPad Pro and OLED displays. OLED displays have meanwhile been included in every iPhone since the iPhone 12 – making the devices Apple pencil compatible. It's possible that the same could apply to 120 Hz displays, at least according to Jeff Pu via MacRumors – who recently declared that all future iPhones will receive ProMotion support. Pu also mentioned a few other details and asserts that all iPhone 14 models will have at least 6 GBs of RAM. As of now, the standard iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini have only 4.



Ross Young Disagrees – ProMotion Still Exclusive To Pro Devices
Ross Young handed out a slightly different prognosis via Twitter, where the analyst claimed that Apple's Chinese contract manufacturer "BOE" did not possess the production capacity for the LPTO ProMotion-compatible panels in question.

Those who simply can't do without a variable refresh rate may still have to pay extra for at least a Pro model iPhone this year as well. It certainly appears as if Apple intends to maintain the strict product differences between Pro devices and standard models. Along with ProMotion, the top tier iPhones should also receive a new punch hole in the location of the current notch, as well as an improved 48 megapixel camera. The possibility that Young's prognosis could bear fruit does, however, remain – in which case all iPhones would receive ProMotion come the release of the next generation this year.

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