Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021, 14:53 Mac: Hardware

2021 MacBook Pro: Issues with the SD Card Slot

Apple presented the first major upgrade of the M1 at the "Unleashed" event in October: Although neither the clock speed nor the cores differ from the regular M1, the M1 Pro and M1 Max come with eight performance cores and, depending on the upgrade level, 14, 16, 24 or even 32 GPU cores. With the 2016 MacBook Pro, Apple removed a feature that was important for some customers: the built-in SD card slot. However, Apple is bringing it back with the 2021 models - but now some problem reports are coming up regarding this.

In forums as well as via social media, some users report that the SD card slot often does not work. Some customers report that SD cards are not recognized in half of the attempts or lead to an error message in the Finder. According to these reports, it also often takes up to a minute for the SD card to be recognized. Others report that SD cards are recognized quite reliably, but the Finder often crashes when working with the storage medium.

Regardless of the card manufacturer
No pattern could be identified yet: Identical cards work for some users, which are not recognized for other customers. Some report that an SD card, which worked normally for weeks, is suddenly no longer recognized by the MacBook Pro 2021. In other devices or in external card readers, however, these SD cards work normally - even if the reader is connected to the new MacBook Pro.



The manufacturer of the SD card seems to have no influence on this issue: Some customers have problems with SD cards from brand manufacturers, for other customers mainly cards from no-name manufacturers do not work.

Software or hardware deficiency?
Various users heard from Apple support that a future software update will solve the problem. But the current pre-release version of macOS 12.1 does not seem to fix this bug: Customers who installed the pre-release version continued to have problems in most cases. Some buyers exchanged their MacBook Pro 2021 for a new one - and for some, the SD card slot of the exchange model worked as desired. Therefore, it is currently completely unclear whether it is a hardware defect or whether Apple can solve the problem with a software update. The company has not yet officially commented on these difficulties.

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