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2021: The year of the Mac? – Record Sales Expected

In the 90s and early 2000s, the Mac's market share was sinking. Badly. Almost everyone viewed Apple as a small manufacturer of niche-computers, despite the success of the iPod bringing more attention to Apple and its products. Over the last decade and a half, Apple started to outperform the market average and sales numbers began to grow. This trend has been clear since 2005, with every year accompanied by growth. In 2003, Apple sold only 750,000 Macs per quarter, in 2007 that number rose to more than 2 million – 2010, more than 4 million. According to current data, the current quarter is likely to come with the familiar increase in growth, only this time to a much greater extent.

Demand Already High Last Year
2020 was already an exceptional year for Apple, although some of this is due to the pandemic and the worldwide increase in demand for home-office computers in the midst of the coronavirus. According to market researchers, Apple is currently so well-positioned, that it would be difficult not to expect good things for the Mac in the coming quarters. The start of sales for the first M1 computers already showed how much potential is still possessed by the traditional computer – an area of the market which many expected to be on its way out in favor of handheld touchscreen devices. Given the branch's progression (or lack thereof) in recent years, even stagnation was considered a favorable result not too long ago.



Apple's Production Partner At Max Capacity
According to a new analysis from Barclays, the current year should see exceptionally high Mac sales. In addition to the current M1 models, the highly awaited Mac Book Pro should attract customers in droves. Current order records from Apple suppliers indicate high Cupertino's high expectations for sales this year. Board manufacturer Compeq is completely booked out for the second half of 2021 and fervently working to expand capacity.

Continued High Margins – Even More Demand
What's remarkable about the current development is that Apple isn't simply pumping out new devices and achieving record sales through price campaigns. Rather, the current growth accounted for by M1 computers is due to the product quality and positive reporting received. Almost all reports about the new Mac era illustrated how superior the hardware is to current offers from Intel. Apple can continue operating in the high-price segment of the market, albeit with a better price to performance ratio – and all that without sacrificing margins. What this means for 2021: Units, sales, and profit will be at an all-time high.

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