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2022 MacBook Air – White Display Frame Like iMac 24" & 30W Power Supply?

At Apple's recent "Unleashed" event this month, the focus was on the high-end variations of the MacBook Pro. However, the next generation of the MacBook Air is also on the horizon. Just yesterday, there were some rumor summaries concerning the features of Apple's most affordable portable Mac – such as M2 chips and MiniLED backlighting. New clues also focus on other further potential aspects of the MacBook Air, such as a white display frame.

White Display Frame Like The 24" iMac?
Apple leaker @dylandkt mentioned several details concerning the 2022 MacBook Air on his Twitter account. Among the most noticeable optical changes is a white display frame, like the 24" iMac's, which users will have to adjust to given the black display frame in use since the release of the MacBook Air. The 24" iMac's white display frame evoked a plethora of reactions – although some praised the design reminiscent of the iMacs of years past, others criticized Apple for what they considered "a lifestyle look".



In the eventuality that Apple is deciding upon a white display frame for the upcoming MacBook Air, it could be the next part of a broad-reaching strategy. Whereas more affordable Macs such as the iMac and MacBook Air could become products more directed at a "lifestyle" target group – and thus the "lifestyle" design with white framing and numerous color options. In which case, the black display frame would become a design feature exclusive to the more powerful Mac models. Thus, different device categories would be easily distinguishable.

Similarities To The MacBook Pro – Only Thinner & Lighter
The design of the 2022 MacBook Air should be reminiscent of the new MacBook Pro (including the 1080P display-notch webcam), although the MacBook Air will be lighter and thinner than the Pro variations. Concerning the housing, by the way: Apple should release the next MacBook Air in colors similar to the iMac 24". The wedge-like design of the current MacBook Air should also disappear, according to @dylandkt. Just as with current models, there won't be any active cooling – the device will be entirely silent.

Fewer Connections Than The MacBook Pro
Unlike the most recent MacBook Pro, 2022's MacBook Air won't be receiving the same abundance of ports. Thus, Air users won't have access to SD cards or HDMI ports. There will be one USB-C connection along with the MagSafe power adaptor for charging. The MacBook Air will come with a 30W charger, pointing to the device needing significantly less energy than the MacBook Pro – which comes with a 96W charger. Additionally, the display won't have the same 120 Hz capable ProMotion features, although it will come with MiniLED.

MacBook Air Without The "Air"?
There could be one other new thing coming with the next MacBook "Air". To be specific, the product might not even end up getting called the MacBook Air anymore. Apple could remove the "Air" from the name of the MacBook Air, making the MacBook... just the "MacBook". As things stand, however, the decision is still up in the air.

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