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2023 & A Folding iPhone With Apple Pencil Support?

Samsung has it, and even Huwaei and Motorola offer it in one way or another too: a folding phone. In contrast, Apple has remained loyal to the original form of the iPhone. However, it's almost certain that a flagship from Cupertino will also eventually be foldable.

Foldable iPhone Already Facing Durability Tests?
Leakers and analysts, such as John Prosser for example, have been assuming for quite some time that Apple is likely developing such a smartphone-tablet hybrid. Several patent applications from Cupertino also indicate that Apple's likely working on such a hybrid device. Amongst others, patents were filed for a new folding mechanism, surrounding display, and even folding batteries. Some prototypes are even alleged to be in the durability testing phase already.



7.3" OLED Display
Global market research company Omnia predicts that Apple will release the first foldable iPhone in 2023, according to a report from the online magazine "iPhone in Canada". The device should have a diagonal display length of between 7.3" and 7.6". Whether or not this measurement is whilst closed or unfolded isn't known and there's also no information concerning form factor and aspect ratio. It's also unknown whether Apple will adopt Samsung's approach – an internal panel, or Xiaomi's – with an external display.

Apple Pencil Support?
According to Omnia, the folding iPhone coming in 2 years should support the Apple Pencil or another to-be-developed version of the current stylus. If so, Apple should come up with a creative way of attaching the pencil to the phone, although a magnetic attachment like for the iPad Pro/Air isn't likely to work on a foldable phone. Omnia's forecast isn't shared by other market analysts. For example, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg believes the folding Apple smartphone to only be in the early stages of development and doesn't foresee a release before 2024 to be likely.

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