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48 Megapixels, Darkness, & More – A Professional Photographer's Extensive Test Run Of The iPhone 14 Pro & Shares His Experience

Austin Mann is a well-known travel photographer, who has also managed to make a name for himself in the Apple world. Each year, he picks up a new copy of each iPhone model for close examination – with the goal of maximizing out the camera's capabilities. This year, one of Apple's newest releases (the iPhone 14 Pro) led him into the Scottish highlands – in search of motifs. In his blog, he reveals his experiences, along with countless exemplary pictures. Of particular interest to Mr. Mann was the RAW mode, which allows the iPhone's main camera to take photos in a resolution of 48 megapixels.

48 Megapixel & Crops
RAW mode was the source of a great deal of excitement for Austin Mann – and it even gave him the possibility of cropping images in full resolution. As per his philosophy, the best images arise from good cropping, the feature is especially welcome for Mann. In his blog, he reveals how much room there is for motifs in the full 48 megapixel resolution. Of course, photos in full-resolution RAW format (8064x6048 pixels) require a great deal of storage space – Mann mentions anywhere from 45 MB to 115 MB, with some variance due to the image content.



48 Megapixels For everyday Usage, & Its Disadvantage
As far as it goes for the average user, it's likely not especially necessary for most parties, nor especially practical to always photograph in 48 megapixels – in addition to the very large storage space requirement, there are also several other disadvantages. Longer wait times can occur in between the capturing of images, and a heavy demand is replaced on the battery. During poor lighting, the 12 megapixel resolution actually results in somewhat better image quality. Four pixels become one, which reduces image noise.

Moon light, without sunrise

Under Dark – iPhone 14 Pro Max Clearly Superior To iPhone 13 Pro Max
Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Austin Mann noted several improvements over the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although the algorithm does tend to sharpen a little bit too much – objects such as grass or bushes still remain quite clear. The following comparison documents the differences:

Who The Upgrade Is Worth It For
Even though many in online forums and commentary threads are discussing whether or not the iPhone 14 Pro is a big enough of an innovation to swap for last year's model – Mann's answer is clear. For those, who wish to take full advantage of all the camera's technical potential, the decision is an easy one. For most normal users, however, there wouldn't be much noticeable difference for any device including or after the iPhone 11.

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