Monday, Jan 25, 2021, 11:40 iOS: Hardware

A Change in Demand: Production for The iPhone Pro Increases, Decreases for The Mini

Shortly after the start of sales, it was realized that the iPhone 12 Pro was much more popular than Apple had expected. As expected, the majority of customers flocked to the standard iPhone 12, but the iPhone 12 Pro still performed surprisingly well in sales. While most iPhone models are available for immediate sale, customers looking to purchase an iPhone 12 Pro may have to wait 1-2 weeks in some cases. According to reports, Apple has taken notice and is now changing up production. The goal? Fewer minis, more Pros.



Fewer iPhone 12 minis
The total volume of iPhones being produced won't experience any change, only the production numbers of individual lines. After Apple ordered the production of 2 million more iPhone 12 Pros, they also decreased production of the mini by the same amount. The change should take place in the first quarter of this year. These reports come from the investment bank Morgan Stanley, confirming the current rumors. Whatever the reason, the iPhone 12 mini hasn't managed to achieve the expectations placed upon it. The same analysis also shows that Morgan Stanley is expecting the strongest iPhone quarter in the product's current history. In the 4th quarter, Apple sold significantly more iPhones than in the previous year.

Sales in China Picking Up Again
According to Morgan Stanley, China's partially to thank for the current boom in iPhone sales – there hasn't been such a demand for the product in the first month of sales for more than 4 years. The "non-Pro" models are performing much better in China than in the USA – where most customers flock to the more expensive series. The new numbers from China are good news for Apple, as the former "boom market" has become increasingly unpredictable, leaving Apple to cope with the decline in sales.

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