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A new category of Apple products in the works? Apple has allegedly begun work on an ARM-Console

Throughout the years of speculation about the Apple TV’s future, the question, “Why hasn’t Apple released a game controller for the Apple TV yet?”, has often come up. Equipped with a current A-Processor, it would be entirely possible for the Apple TV to run ambitious gaming titles without further hardware upgrades. An Apple TV with a game controller could easily mix up the console market and turn the Apple TV into a bonafide competitor. There have been recent indications that Apple has such intentions—however, not for the Apple TV, but for a separate product with different hardware. Is it now possible that Apple is finally taking a step into the gaming market?

Shared Chip Families open new Doors
Apple’s decision to base all future hardware on their in-house chips gives the company a considerable amount of room for maneuver. Even when Apple stresses that each hardware category contains special processors, they are referring to a set of chips within the same chip “family”. What this now means—future Apple chips could be put into action in a new gaming console. There is still no information concerning the release date of such a new product on the market, but known Leaker and Tech-Analyst Mauri QHD claims to have heard of plans for a new Apple release of the product in question.



Apple needs more Content and has several Options
A step into the gaming console market could prove favorable for Apple, which has already established a gaming network with access to countless titles in the form of Apple Arcade. However, for a dedicated gaming console to be successful, Apple would need to expand Apple Arcade’s content considerably and reel in some of the larger triple A titles. Otherwise it would be quite difficult to compete with current top contenders such as Sony and Microsoft. Thus far, the Apple TV has been of little interest for larger publishers and Mac is certainly not the platform of choice for gaming developers. With that said, Apple’s in-house hardware platform definitely boasts the ability to capture attention in the gaming branch, as the impressive specifications of their graphics chips are indisputable. In addition, Unity recently reveled plans to release an engine of the same name for Apple Silicon.

A similar attempt 25 years ago
Apple tried to release a game console called “Pippin” in 1996. Due to the high price, poor performance, and a lack of titles, the product went down in history as one of Apple’s biggest hardware flops. 42,000 sales later and the joint effort of Apple and Bandai was discontinued. As a result, the product has remained largely unheard of, and only the die hard Apple Fans are aware of its history.

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