Thursday, Mar 11, 2021, 16:13 iOS: Hardware

A new iPad In The Works? Customer Discovers Case For Upcoming Tablet

Apple has always tried to keep news concerning upcoming products under lock and key. However, there have been many times when accessory manufacturers or retailers have accidentally revealed hints about devices that have yet to be announced. The latter is likely to have just reoccurred. This time, a customer made an interesting discovery at a Target in The United States which they shared on Reddit.

Packaging For An iPad Case With Interesting Information
Target is one of many large retailers in The United States. Recently, one of their customers happened upon an iPad case designed by the company Speck. On the bottom left of the case's packaging, there was a list of compatible devices, among which the iPad Pro was listed. Next to the 2020 iPad Air and the iPad pro years 2018-2020 was the "iPad 2021". However, Apple has yet to release any new tablets this year. The customer, Reddit user nanosplitter21, snapped a quick photo of the packaging and posted it on Reddit, where he describes the entailing scenario: After happening upon the packaging, he went to the counter to buy the case – where he was informed that it won't be available for purchase until April 6th. This was then confirmed by an employee who said, "This item shouldn't be on the floor yet".



Source: u/nanosplitter21 via Reddit

Product Announcement In 2 Weeks?
According to the packaging, the 2021 iPad should be 11". It's likely to be the predecessor of the 2020 iPad Pro, and might even get an announcement as early as the 23rd of this month. The new tablet could come equipped with a mini-LED panel, although some analysts consider this to be more likely in the case of the 12.9" version.

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