Monday, Jan 18, 2021, 17:46 Economy

AMD CEO's Statement About the Apple M1 Chip: "This Is An Opportunity to Innovate More"

Growing discontent with Intel's portfolio didn't lead Apple to seek help from AMD, it led them to the development of their first in-house processors for Mac. The decision was apparently made in 2015, when Intel crossed the line with a series of errors. AMD CEO, Lisa Su, recently gave her opinion on the current development of the market, as well as Apple's new chip.



The M1 Shows that Innovation Is Possible
The majority of the talks were about the growing importance of ARM chips in the traditional computer sector. Once an architecture designed for only specific areas of application, the processors are increasingly becoming all-rounders. According to Su, in the case of the M1 it's not necessarily the architecture (x86 vs. ARM) that makes the chip. Su believes that the M1 shows how much innovation is still possible on the market. The PC branch continues to offer ample opportunities for new approaches and specialization of different sectors. AMD is still of the opinion that x86 remains a relevant architecture, and one which can still be invested in further now, as well as in the future. This applies to a wide range of device classes, from ultra thin notebooks to entire servers.


Collaboration with Apple
Lisa Su added that Apple and AMD will continue to work together when it comes to graphics cards, although it's unclear how long this will still be the case. While Apple currently uses only Intel chips or AMD graphics cards in Intel based Macs, that could be set to change soon. According to reports, Apple is working on an in-house graphics card, intended for Mac Pros – with a possible debut this year. It's unlikely that the Mac Pros of the future will be equipped with AMD graphics cards. It could very well be that Intel won't be the only company saying goodbye to Apple.

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