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AR/VR Headset: Specially Folded Lenses For Apple – Meta Stops Developing In-House OS

In addition to an in-house automobile, a mixed reality headset could be amongst one of the new upcoming Apple product categories – as per ever increasing rumors. Analysts have also declared that Cupertino will also be relying on a third display in addition to such a device's two high resolution displays. The third display would considerably expand the device's field of view. Yet again, the well-known branch insider Ming-Chi Kuo has mentioned details concerning the upcoming AR/VR headset's lenses along as discussing the potential timeline for the product's release.

Kuo – "3P Pancake Lenses" For Apple's Headset, Delivery 2023
In a note from MacRumors, Ming-Chi Kuo goes into further detail about Apple's upcoming headset and discussed "3P Pancake Lenses". These lenses would be based on a folded design capable of reflecting light back and forth between the lenses and the display. The lenses would also present a significant design advantage by allowing the headset to be especially light and compact, thus already satisfying a portion of Apple's long-standing design language. According to Kuo, Apple will reveal the device at the end of this year, however, the first deliveries won't take place until the first quarter of 2023. Last month, the acclaimed analyst also made some head turns by asserting that Apple was already working on a second generation of the headset to be released in the second half of 2024.



Meta Stop Developing OS For VR Headsets
Apparently, Meta's headset OS development hasn't been the most fruitful: according to a report from The Information, the company is no longer working on an operating system for a virtual reality headset. Several hundred employees had been working on the project for years, however, Meta has just completed an about face without providing any explanation. The company's alternative is a modified version from Android. Since the OS is only a simple modification of Android, it's already used for current VR headsets, such as the Oculus. A responsible manager at Meta, Gabriel Aul, referenced the report indirectly via Twitter. Accordingly, Meta is growing its current team for the project and continuing to work on a highly specialized operating system. Aul refrained from clarifying whether or not this simply meant a customized version of Android.

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