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Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Lighroom Native For M1 – Almost Twice As Fast As On Intel Macs

Adobe took a little more time than other software developers, but the time has now finally arrived. Following Photoshop, there are now three more essential Creative Cloud programs with native support for Macs with Apple Silicon. The updates to InDesign, Illustrator, and Lightroom Classic will be available immediately. In addition to providing several new features with the updates, Adobe is also separating itself from the crowd with a significant boost to performance in comparison to the Intel Mac versions of its software.

Practical Benchmark Tests On Two Macs
In order to emphasize its own claims of increased performance, Adobe ran several practical benchmark tests. This task was given to Pfeiffer Consulting, a market research and analysis company with seats in New York and Paris. Experts at the company compared the performance of Adobe's now native M1 apps with the Intel Mac versions. A MacBook Pro M1 with 16GB RAM and a 2TB SSD ran against a 13" Intel MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i5 processor and the same amount of drive space. Both devices used an Apple Pro XDR external display during the benchmarks.



The benchmark results. Source: Pfeiffer Consulting

M1 Apps Almost Twice As Fast As Intel Variants
The benchmarks encompassed almost 800 individual tests during which Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Lightroom Classic carried out an assortment of tasks while their performance was measured. On average, the M1 applications performed more than 80% better than their Intel variants. The M1 applications also accomplished their tasks almost twice as quickly. The frontrunner was Lightroom Classic with a performance increase of 116%. Photoshop captured second place with a performance increase of 89%.

Impressive Performance In Numerous Individual Disciplines
In some app-specific disciplines, the four apps as well as Premier Pro and XD were even faster. For example, Photoshop completed a "Content Aware Fill 1" task with a performance increase of 200% in comparison to the Intel variant. In Illustrator, scrolling performance witnessed a speed increase of almost 400% on the MacBook Pro M1. There are even more detailed results to be found in the extensive 18-page report that Pfeiffer consulting has released in the form of a PDF. It also details a performance increase of 65% for the M1 version of Illustrator, 59% for InDesign, and 78% for Premiere Pro.

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