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AirPods 3: Designs Found In Supplier Renderings

Known and trusted augurs such as Jon Prosser are sure that the next Apple event will take place this month. However, there's some disagreement as to which products and services Cupertino plans to announce during the virtual event.

3rd Generation Of AirPods?
Products expected are the iPad Pro, an iMac M1, and Apple's "AirTags" – or Find My iPhone enabled key-ring accessory. For months now, reports have pointed to a 3rd generation of the wireless earbuds. Some information concerning the specifications and design have even been leaked already. Now, new renderings have been found which should serve as confirmation of reports from several weeks ago.



Source: Gizmochina

Renderings Come From An Apple Supplier
Images of the renderings come posted by Gizmochina allegedly come from one of Apple's suppliers. According to the Shenzhen-based news site, these renderings are likely the final version of the AirPods 3. If the claims are true, then there haven't been any major design changes according to the renderings, however, there have been some subtle, yet visible modifications made to the design. The stem extending outside of the ear has been made shorter and is even reminiscent of the AirPod Pro's battery tubes. This is all in agreement with designs posted by 52audio.

Smaller Charging Case
According to Gizmochina, the new charging case should be considerably smaller than the current one, also, the AirPods should also have interchangeable ear tips – unlike their predecessor. However, the tips aren't to be seen in the design renderings from Gizmochina. Either way, there are quite a few design similarities between the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro. Whether or not the next few weeks will bring a 3rd generation of the AirPods – or a new generation of the AirPods Pro, remains to be seen.

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