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AirPods 3 – First Impressions: Praise For MagSafe & Better Sound

Many Apple customers are likely expecting packages today. Without a doubt, most of them are anticipating the arrival of their new MacBook Pro – which has caused the entire tech world to hold its breath. However, many Apple customers are excited about a different product entirely, Cupertino's 3rd generation AirPods. Compared to their predecessor, the new earphones made a significant step forwards, including features such as skin detection sensors, an adaptive equalizer, and support for 3D audio. Now, the first reviews and test reports are online – tests that many have been waiting for.

No Silicon Eartips – A Positive Point For Many Customers
Most reviews mention the new design, which looks like a mixture of the AirPods Pro and AirPods 2. Additionally, the AirPods 3 don't come with any silicone ear tip attachments, which users could utilize to adapt the earpiece part of the earphones to individuals' preferences. Although it would appear to be a negative point for most customers, The Verge explains that this might not be the case for all customers. Unlike the AirPods Pro, you'll barely feel the AirPods 3 resting inside your ear canal without the silicone ear tip attachments. One downside is that more outside noise can come in; however, this could lead to greater awareness in areas with lots of traffic, which wouldn't be bad.

The earphones have also received praise for how easily they fit into users' ears, along with improved audio quality and 3D audio capabilities (although the latter is still in its infancy). The only fundamental critical point concerning the AirPods 3; some don't like how easily the earphones let in noise from outside. For those concerned, the AirPods aren't chargeable with the iPhone via reverse charging.



Comfortable Fit
Many critics report that the earphones fit much better than their predecessors. According to CNET, the earphones also don't fall out during use. The water and sweat-resistant properties of the AirPods 3 are also significant positives. The audio is fuller and more detailed, with a broader and more appropriate bass range. Conversation quality during phone calls has also received some attention, and users should appreciate the results. The product's integration into the Apple ecosystem is also excellent, and for owners of other devices – there's not much incentive to purchase a pair of AirPods 3.

Audio Quality Praised – Lack of Noise Reduction Seen As A Shortcoming
The Wall Street Journal points out that the AirPods Pro might be a better option than the AirPods 3 for most users, considering the former's attractive although slightly higher price which brings more features. The noise-cancelling features of the Pro models allow for slightly more comfort. Gizmodo praises the functional addition of MagSafe to the charging case. Thanks to MagSafe, the case now sticks to charging pads perfectly, a feature that should become a new standard. Engadget also mentions the audio quality, which, as we've already mentioned, has seen considerable improvements. The AirPods 3 have crisp, clean highs and consistent, beefy lows.

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