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AirPods Max: Battery Usage inside and outside of the Case

As far as headphones packaging goes, the AirPods Max make a humble arrival. Upon inspection of the packaging, the AirPods Max come with only one USB-C lightning cable, some paperwork, and a case. Power supplies are starting to seem like more and more of a thing of the past when it comes to Cupertino. The case that arrives with the AirPods Max looks like a bra or a woman's handbag—something for which the case has received a great deal of ridicule. However, Apple has proven that the headphones barely use any energy whilst in the case, a claim which has piqued the curiosity of a few testers—and enticed them to share their surprising results.



Tests with the inactive AirPods Max outside of the Case
Imagine the following. You receive your new pair of AirPods Max in the mail. Place them on your head, enjoy your audio for a little while and then take them off. The natural response in this situation would be to turn them off and set them aside. However, further examination of the AirPods Max reveals that there is simply no power button. They cannot be turned off. The accompanying case is supposed to be of help here by greatly reducing the battery usage of the headphones. But what happens when the headphones are simply set aside, without being put in the case? MacRumors sought an answer to this question. The editorial staff connected the headphones with an iPhone and played a song. Then they left the headphones on a desk, without the case, at 63% battery.

Low Battery Usage
An hour later the AirPods Max had 1% less power, after 4 hours the battery was at 60%. In 4 hours the battery level sank by only 3%. During this timeframe, the AirPods Max were continuously connected with the iPhone. When they were placed back inside the case, they immediately disconnected from the iPhone. 4 hours later and the editorial staff took another look at the battery. It had increased by 1%.

Source: @AndruEdwards via Twitter

Apple’s Statement
Apple has released a set of instructions concerning the AirPods Max charging and battery on their site. After 5 minutes of inactivity the new headphones switch to sleep mode, during sleep mode the AirPods Max remain connected to Bluetooth and can be located using the “Find My iPhone” app. After 72 hours of inactivity these functions are disabled. When stored in the case, the sleep mode is immediately activated, and Bluetooth is disabled after 18 hours.

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