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AirPods Pro – Apple Presents Second Generation

The first AirPods were released six years ago, to massive and continued success. By the fall of 2019, Apple had expanded the product line to include the AirPods Pro – a more capable version of the popular earbuds. At the time, it was already clear that the tiny wireless Bluetooth speakers were more than just a simple accessory, as the product had already cut out a substantial share of the market for itself. Apple's sales numbers for the AirPods gradually settled into a stable pattern that continues to earn the company billions even today. A comparison with other noteworthy companies further emphasizes this, with the AirPods achieving more sales than all of Adobe, Nvidia, or even AMD. Recently, however, Apple has remained suspiciously quiet concerning the successful earbuds. With Apple's September 7th event, however, Cupertino cast the spotlight back in the direction of the AirPods.

New Features Of The AirPods Pro 2
Those anxious to purchase the new AirPods Pro will receive what might outwardly appear to be an exact copy of its predecessor. However, the device comes with entirely new interior hardware. Apple promises significantly improved audio quality, partially thanks to the contribution of the new H2 chip. Additionally, battery life should substantially improve, with a running span of up to six hours per charge. Another added feature includes the new "Personal Spatial Audio", which allows users to create personalized audio profiles. Active noise suppression should also function better than ever with the help of machine learning. As per Apple's own indication during this week's event, double as much background noise is eliminated. The environment is analyzed 48,000 times per second to automatically adapt the volume or nature of external sound interference. Touch operation also enables more comfortable usage, and a quick tap on the stem can change the volume. A new loudspeaker can now be found inside the charging case for use with the "Find My" app via iCloud.



Various Sizing Options For The Ear Pieces

Pricing & Availability
The AirPods Pro differs from the standard line and that the Pro line offers active suppression of noise interference from the local environment. Apple does, however, charge a pretty penny for this feature – and the top model in the line has become a good bit more expensive. Apple will charge US$249 for a new pair of second generation AirPods Pro. The new device will be purchasable this Friday, with delivery is beginning on 23 September. In EU countries, the official price is €299 – €20 more than previously.

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