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All Apple Stores In The USA Reopen For First Time – Apple To Discontinue Music Memos

In many parts of the world, Apple Stores are still closed. Those in need of service for their Apple products, or simply looking to buy in person, need to make use of the make-shift "express storefronts" set up by the entrance for repairs and pick-up. Normal store functions are not available. Many countries have also imposed laws, prohibiting certain business transactions and services – express storefronts found in many parts of the world allow Apple to continue providing limited services whilst also complying with local laws. In the USA, however, the situation's completely different. Just this week, all 270 stores in the USA were opened – for the first time in a year. 12 months ago, Apple cancelled all in-store events and in the middle of March, it ceased operations worldwide.

As is now more than well-known – cessation of normal operations didn't simply occur for a short while as expected but turned into a long-term engagement. At the beginning of this year, all businesses in California and Texas were out of commission, with Apple continuingly reacting to local infection number. Despite the current reopening, Apple's retail service in the USA is still far from normal (check out this photographic tour: ). There are still no events or seminars in stores and some only allow visitors with an appointment.



Apple Buries The Music Memos App
Apple announced the final days of the Music Memos app this December. The time has finally come and the musician's tool was removed from the App Store this week. Music Memos was meant to be a way for songwriters to quickly retain song ideas. The ideas could then be later exported into GarageBand or Logic Pro X, or even directly shared with other musicians. Five years after the app's release, the userbase fell off. The iPhone's default Voice Memo's app didn't help either, as it presented users with a much simpler way to record song ideas. Music Memos' last update was in December with version 1.0.7, which made it easier to transfer projects to other applications (such as GarageBand or Logic Pro X).

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