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Amazon Releases Amazon Prime Video On The Mac App Store

Every major streaming service has a streaming app available for iPhone and iPad users – it's just not the same using a web browser on a handheld device. When it comes to this aspect, Mac users are at a disadvantage. In the majority of cases, Mac are forced to simply use their preferred web browser to access streamable content, or to download a third party streaming app such as Friendly Streaming. These third party apps simply integrate the streaming service's website into the app for ease of access, as well as sometimes offering extra features such as "picture-in-picture" (PiP) – allowing the user to watch or stream content in front of another active window.

Amazon Adds "Amazon Prime Video" To The Mac App Store
The online retailing giant Amazon has made its first step towards equalizing its own contribution the streaming app disparity between mobile operating systems and macOS by adding PrimeVideo to the Mac App Store. The app was simply ported over from iOS/iPadOS via Catalyst, but it's still nice that Amazon at least went to the effort of adding the app to the Mac App Store. The app comes with several Mac-specific features such as keyboard shortcuts and picture-in-picture – allowing you to work or study and stream content from Amazon Prime at the same time.



Local Downloads, Smooth Performance, & AirPlay
In comparison to Amazon's own streaming service's web site and Netflix, the Amazon Prime Video app runs very well. There's no lagging while scrolling and previews pages load very quickly. Picture-in-picture viewing mode is easily activated with the click of a button and the app provides native support for AirPlay – making it easy to mirror the app's content to other AirPlay supported devices. Another feature added by the app is the ability to download episodes of series or entire seasons and movies and view them via the app, making it much easier for users to plan out a set of content to watch during long journeys with only limited access to the internet.

Support For macOS Big Sur & Later
The Amazon Prime Video app supports macOS Big Sur 11.4 or later. There is no support for macOS Catalina. Available in over 30 localizations, the app is available to download for free. However, to actually view most of the content users will – of course, need an Amazon Prime account. The program is also available for iOS/iPadOS (12.1 or later) as well as Apple TV.

Netflix & Disney Soon To Take Suit?
Accessing content from a streaming service is often much more comfortable on an app localized for the native operating system rather than via website. However, even as of now, there are no native macOS compliments for Disney or Netflix, despite their already being iOS/iPadOS apps from the companies. Now that Amazon has taken the first step towards providing native macOS app support for its own streaming service, its competitors are likely to due the same – competition amongst streaming services is at an all time high.

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