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Ambitious Project: Drawing With MacPaint On Macintosh 128k & Printing With ImageWriter

In 1984, Apple introduced the first Macintosh, which did more than simply change the world of computers forever. The computer possessed unparalleled graphical abilities which were groundbreaking for the times. Nowadays, photo and video editing, and much more, are part of everyday tasks completed effortlessly by Macs. Meanwhile, the original Macintosh has been moved into tech museums around the world and have become a rare sight in the wild.

Pixel-by-Pixel Tracing Of Flatiron Building
The whereabouts of at least one Macintosh 128k were recently made public by New York-based artist Pinot W. Ichwandardi, who used one for an interesting project. Over the course of several months, Ichwandardi painstakingly drew a pixel-for-pixel recreation of the Flatiron building in New York. The 22-story, 285-foot tall building shaped like a flatiron was erected in Manhattan in 1902. Ichwandardi used MacPaint 1.5 on his Macintosh 128k to create this bird's eye view of the building:



More Than 30-Year-Old Software, Machine, & Accessories
In addition to the original Macintosh and the more than 30-year-old MacPaint, the artist also used contemporary accessories – such as the original Apple Mouse as well as the 1988 GTCO Macintizer and the 1989 Calcomp Wiz graphics tablets. The final result looked quite the stylish piece after it was finally printed with an Apple ImageWriter on the staple continuous paper with perforated edges. The result of his work, as well as several images of the project's creation, are available on Ichwandardi's personal Twitter.

Star Wars Trailer On An Apple llc
The image of the Flatiron Building wasn't Ichwandardi's first piece of its kind. Several years ago, he created his own trailer of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" on an Apple llc. According to the man himself, Ichwandardi's motivation to pursue the production of such vintage art has less to do with the result and more to do with the process. The artist has also created other works in the same style, such as an entire music video. The inspiration with his work comes from his fascination with the process and his attempt to recapture the initial "magic" he experienced during his first encounter with a Macintosh in 1986. "That was a magical moment".

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