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An Evaluation Of Tuesday's Presentation – The California Streaming Event

The September event normally is usually dealt a pretty rough hand, as it's pretty difficult to prevent the leaking of information for as popular a product as the iPhone. A great deal of what was covered in the event was either already known or at the very least suspected. Thus, Apple's not to blame if that's the case for most users who attended today's event. It's been difficult for the company to surprise the public concerning new products over the last few years given the sheer popularity surrounding products from Cupertino. As of a few months ago, it was even possible to get a relatively stable idea of what new features and improvements would be arriving in the iPhone 13. The fact that much of what was revealed at today's event is in no way shape or form a critique of Apple – which just made an already excellent smartphone even better.

The... Rather Disappointing iPhone 13
Apple's "biggest update of all time" statement is starting to get old – and such was the case for the iPhone 13 with respect to the camera module at Tuesday afternoon's event. Otherwise, the iPhone 13 is relatively forgettable in the grand scheme of the iPhone's product history. Add to that the fact that Apple only provided a comparison of the A15 to that of the chip competition from other smartphone manufacturers (and not a comparison of the A15 to the A15) – and the whole thing starts to seem a little suspicious. Some of the considerable progress seen in hardware updates over the past few years seems to be missing this time. Whether or not there's actually any reason to make the jump from an iPhone 12 to an iPhone 13 is questionable – and to be quite honest, the answer's actually absolutely not. However, a lack of excitement concerning the new release is certainly no critique, as Apple has yet again made an already good product better – even if only slightly so.



Apple Watch Series 7
The Apple Watch Series 7's reception hasn't been... overwhelming, to say the least. Although the larger display is definitely welcome, a search for any other innovations will end in vain. There also aren't any new sensors in the watch and the blood pressure measurement feature which many had hoped for won't be making a debut. However, there are clear improvements in other areas. What's really odd is that nothing has changed as far as the design of the smartwatch. Whereas in the past, when blueprints and information concerning design changes have leaked, such leaks have tended towards mirroring reality. This time, however, almost every single major source concerning the matter was wrong, which has aroused suspicion amongst some that Apple ended up delaying what would have originally been a different Apple Watch due to rumored production problems. The redesign was expected to look like this: . Despite a somewhat disappointing release, the newest Apple Watch still remains what it always has been – the most sophisticated and versatile smartwatch on the market. As with the iPhone 13, Apple just made a good product better – although there haven't been any groundbreaking announcements.

What's New With The iPad (& iPad mini)
Although all anyone assumed was that the standard iPad would be getting a new chip, Apple managed to surprise us all. The standard iPad line is getting an A13 bionic chip, a better camera system, and "Center Stage" compatibility – increasing the most affordable iPad's already excellent price-performance ratio considerably. For almost all potential tablet customers, the standard series iPad is likely the best choice – a statement more true now than ever.

There was also a surprisingly significant hardware update to the iPad mini revealed at Tuesday's event. Yet again titled one of the "biggest updates of all time" (as is the case at almost every event), the new iPad mini's performance has increased massively in comparison to its predecessor. The added A15 chip turns the iPad mini into a performance powerhouse – making the increase to the product's price well worth it. Given the hardware updates that the entire iPad lineup has received lately (many of which were sorely needed), it's finally apparent that Apple is doing more than just talking about what an important part of the market the tablet sector belongs to and is continually bettering its products in order to meet customers' needs and demands. Thus, it seems as if neither the Apple Watch nor the iPhone were the true stars of Tuesday's event – it was clearly the iPad.

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