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An Expensive Collector's Item – 2007 iPhone Currently Going For Enormous Prices

Historic Apple devices and components appear for sale in auctions on eBay every now and again, often ending in quite a high price. The same applies for Steve Jobs memorabilia, including business cards and checks connected to the Apple-founder. Up until now, iPhones were generally considered too young a product for there to be any collector community surrounding the various iterations of the product. That seems to slowly be changing in the meantime, with the price of one older iPhone having risen massively – as per the result of a recently ended auction goes to show.

iPhone Changes Hands For Over US$35,000
There aren't many remaining models of the first generation iPhone left anymore, afterall, the devices hit the market in 2007 – more than 15 years ago. As early as 12 months later the iPhone 3G arrived as its successor. Those still in possession of an unopened original iPhone could be sitting on a metaphorical gold mine. One such model recently even sold in an online auction – at an extremely high price. Especially due to the fact that the device remained in its original packaging, the final bidder ended up paying US$35,414. The sum totaled US$20,000 more than US$15,000 price estimate set by RR auction.



Source: RR Auction

iTunes Icon Missing From Packaging
The sold iPhone goes by the model number A1203 (MA712LL/A), and comes with 128 megabytes of RAM and 8 gigabytes of storage space. However, Apple also sold 16 gigabyte variations of its first smartphone. The packaging reveals that the device's original sale occurred in the summer of 2007. The box reveals 12 app icons, whereas later versions displayed 13 icons – after Apple introduced the iTunes logo to the packaging. Unfortunately, the device is almost certainly no longer functional, its battery has almost surely discharged and is now likely defective. How things might look as far as the device's other components is difficult to estimate. The new and apparently quite well-off collector of the old device likely won't want to restore the device to its original purpse as even removing the plastic packaging taped to the front of the display could lower the device's value.

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