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Another (Small) Indication That MagSafe Is Making A Comeback To The Mac

Those who became Apple customers within the last few years or own an iPhone 12 can quite easily tell you a bit about MagSafe. MagSafe is a term for the magnetic ring on the back of the iPhone 12. Long-term Mac users, however, have a completely different image in mind when thinking of the term "MagSafe" – mainly, a plug for earlier Macs that saved quite a few laptops and notebooks from an unsightly congregation with the floor. MagSafe's made its debut with the first Intel Mac in 2006 after which it was then added to other notebook series. Another advantage of the technology, apart from the easy connection/disconnection of the charging plug saving countless notebooks from falling off of desks – the ease with which the plug was attached and detached (due to magnets) was such that risk of loose connections from normal charging plug wear and tear were minimized. However, there was one disadvantage – heat development, which primarily became an issue when the charging port was dirty.

Abandoned In 2016 – Poorer Quality In 2012
In 2016, Apple announced the end of MagSafe for the Mac, to the disappointment of many Mac users. However, since "MagSafe 2's" introduction in 2012, many had criticized the technology's diminished quality in comparison to the original MagSafe. After 2012, MagSafe connections were no longer as strong, and could so easily be removed from the charging port that often accidentally movements would lead to an interruption of the Mac's charging. Those who didn't keep their computers still on a desk had to pay careful attention not to accidentally wiggle the charging cable out of its socket. However, MagSafe's departure in favor of traditional connections was not seen as a positive on the part of most Mac users familiar with the technology.



MagSafe Comeback According To Blueprints
In the last few months, several reliable sources have indicated that Apple plans on including more ports with the upcoming M1X MacBook Pro – and that includes MagSafe. There was a confirmation in April after Apple's production partner (Quanta) was subjected to data theft, revealing the following blueprint and countless other details:

Apple Quietly Updates MagSafe Support Document
Apple itself has now left another clue that MagSafe is making a guaranteed comeback. A support document, which hadn't been updated in over a year concerning the discontinued charging port technology, was just updated. This is noteworthy, given the fact that there haven't been any MagSafe Macs since 2016. Although there aren't any direct clues in the aforementioned support document, in the past, support document updates (especially involving old features about to receive a revamp) have served as a good indication that Apple is planning changes and is already in the preparation stage of implementing them. Should these newest reports hold true, then a MacBook Pro launch with MagSafe can be expected in October/November.

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