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App Study: iPhone Users Considerably More Demanding Than Android Users

Those who decide upon purchasing comparatively more expensive Apple products also rightly expect a higher quality than from the market's more affordable offers. The general stereotyped trend amongst market observers is that the majority of smartphone users are not particularly demanding, which is why the majority of sales on the smartphone market belongs to Android devices. However, a new study wants to reinforce this supposition with respect to more than the opposing smartphones' internal hardware. The study tries to establish a general trend by looking at how third parties are affected by the differing Apple-Android customer cultures by analyzing whether users on the Google Play or Apple App Store are more demanding.

Are Android Users Easier To Satisfy?
unitQ examined apps simultaneously available on both Android and iOS for the purposes of the study. The study took more into account than simple "star" ratings and also factored in individual, written reviews. A rather clear discrepancy between the two quickly came to light, with the versions of the apps available on Android receiving significantly better ratings. However, the study was unable to take into account whether or not this was due to an actual lack of parity in quality. The more elaborate reviews did, however, reveal that the average iPhone user had quite a few more gripes to express than the average Android user due to expectations not being met. On the other hand, the same apps available Google Playstore lacked similar reviews or any discussion of the issues frequently mentioned in reviews on the Apple App Store.



The calculated score average of all apps in comparison.

Conclusion: iPhone Users Expect Higher Quality
Based on the analysis of 122 million reviews, the results reveal that iPhone users expect a considerably higher quality from their apps than Android users. Thus, the old truism that expectations are raised with price holds true in this case, as confirmed by a trend in the behavior of users on the two app store platforms. That's not to say, however, that all Android users are less demanding – there are still plenty of expensive Android smartphones on the market. That being said, the conclusion is still that in order for apps available for both Android and Apple smartphones to achieve a parity in rating, the apps available for iOS have to be of a higher quality.

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