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Apple: 11 Reasons For Macs In The Workplace & Companies

With respect to companies, Apple hasn't been much of a relevant actor since the 90s apart from individual professional fields such as graphic design and video editing. However, Macs even had a time within these relatively niche fields, Macs weren't considered business computers and seemed "too slow", "too expensive", along with being incompatible with most business software at the time. In the meanwhile, the situation has made a complete 180º turn. Both the iPhone and Apple's general strategy towards businesses over the years have now sorted for the corporate sector accounting for a large majority of Apple's sales. A prominent example of this is Apple's once-upon-a-time archenemy IBM, where the company is beginning to rely on Macs more and more – stressing the long-term cost advantages. In view of the low amount of technical or mechanical support needed by the devices over many years, the price of the hardware is irrelevant.

Apple's Arguments For The Mac
Apple has now posted a new information page on its business site, listing 11 reasons in support of the Mac in corporate settings:



1) An extremely capable processor (M1)
2) Look to point 1 – concerning compact devices
3) Long battery times – up to 18 hours
4) Harmony between Macs and IT, set up per MDM possible
5) Macs also work without IT department, thanks to simple installation
6) Macs are cheaper in the long run – less support and software expenses
7) The most innovative companies in the world rely on Macs
8) All of the well-known and customary business apps are available for Mac
9) Security and privacy are a central pillar
10) Macs and iPhones love each other
11) Working on a Mac is more fun

Apple's Large Market Share In The Corporate Sector
Despite Intel's recent attempts in the media to slander Apple's M1 chips, Apple documents points that have taken on more meaning in recent years. Especially important for companies are the points "less expensive in the long run" and "all apps available". For a very long time, it was exactly these two points that spoke against corporate reliance on Apple computers. Of course, Windows is still the market leader when it comes to corporate computer usage, but in the meantime – Apple has now developed itself a larger foothold in the corporate market than in the private market. Unfortunately, there aren't currently any exact numbers, although at the end of 2018 the numbers were a 25% share of the corporate market vs. a 10% share of the entire market. The current trend is predicted to increase greatly – especially as well-thought-out partnerships with IBM and HP continue to flourish.

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