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Apple 4K TV (2022) – Users Reporting Issues With Siri Remote

The Apple TV 4K (2022) is substantially stronger and more versatile than most modern set-top boxes thanks to its A15 chip. However, the device does cost considerably more than other devices such as those from Amazon, Google, or Roku. For the top model with 128 GB of storage, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and thread-support, there's a price tag of US$129, or €189 for those in Europe (Apple Online Store link: ). It's all the more frustrating when a device with such a high price tag presents with errors, causing operation to become suddenly impossible. One such error has emerged for many users and is now causing problems with the Siri remote.

Siri Remote Losing Connection To Apple TV 4K
The 2022 Apple TV 4K's Siri remote is losing connection to the streaming box in irregular intervals, according to countless posts on Reddit, and the forums on MacRumors. The cause for those affected is presumed to be an unreliable Bluetooth connection which becomes repeatedly, continuously disrupted. The phenomenon occurs independently of the Siri remote's distance from the set-top box, even occurring when both devices are directly next to one another. Unpairing and then pairing the remote with the Apple TV 4K (2022) doesn't seem to help, and neither does a restarting the Siri remote, according to the posts. To perform the latter, one would hold the "TV/Control Center" key at the same time as the "volume-down" button for at least five seconds. After letting go, the remote should restart.



Workarounds Possible – But Not Enduring
Alternatively, it's possible to disconnect the Apple TV 4K (2022) from its power adapter for ten seconds before reconnecting it, after which point the Bluetooth connection will be rebuilt. However, none of these measures provide more than a temporary fix – the problem can reoccur at anytime, according to users. The remote app on the iPhone and control of the streaming box via HDMI, however, still function perfectly fine. This further supports the hypothesis that the connection issues are related to Bluetooth.

Source Of The Problem Still Unknown
Although the issue is likely related to the Bluetooth connection between the Apple TV 4K (2022) and its Siri remote, it's still unknown whether the issue stems from a hardware or software fault. Several users have already received replacement devices after complaints to Apple, however, these devices still possess the exact same error. According to numerous forum posts, the difficulties first manifested after an update to tvOS 16.2 – pointing to an issue with the software and not the hardware. Apple is surely aware of the issue, yet it's still unclear when or how the company will address the concern.

Apple TV 4K (2022) in the Apple Online Store

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