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Apple Accuses Microsoft Of Being Behind The Epic Games Proceedings

The term "proxy war" refers to a fight not directly fought by both parties involved. Usually, either one or both parties involved in the engagement carry out the battle away from the home field via the help of a supporting faction. Examples of a proxy war can be found in the Vietnam War – where China and the USSR supported northern Vietnam while The United States supported the southern half, and in the Spanish Civil War – where Nazi Germany and Italy supported the coup while the USSR stood behind the Republic. As it turns out, Apple has now accused Microsoft of being the true party behind the recent Epic Games lawsuit concerning the Fortnite app's ban from the app store due to the promotion of an external store. If true, this would mean that Microsoft is using Epic Games as a "stalking horse" as not to have to step into the spotlight.

Does Epic Games Have An External Financial Backer?
This line of thinking isn't entirely new. It was apparent from the start how much external help Epic Games was receiving from multiple sides, otherwise, such a comparatively small company wouldn't simply have been able to hold up in court against a company with as many financial resources as Apple. According to Microsoft, this is simply a tactical manoeuvre on the part of Apple to distract the public from how many companies view the currently still valid regulation of the App Store as pushing on the boundaries of the law. Microsoft explicitly names Apple's ban on cloud gaming.



Microsoft Names xCloud – Sparking Dispute With Apple
Apple's argument isn't entirely implausible, especially given the situation with Microsoft's gaming service "xCloud". As previously reported, xCloud is the primary reason for the current animosity between Cupertino and Redmond after years of peaceful cohabitation. The fallout has led to a jabs traded being traded between the companies via ad campaigns and is the primary reason for Microsoft's quite active support of Epic Games in the current proceedings.

Apple Has No Proof For Statement But Mentions Abnormalities
Of course, it's impossible for Apple to prove the validity of its recent accusation against Microsoft. However, Cupertino points to severe abnormalities in the case. For example, the high number of witnesses sent from Microsoft, despite Microsoft not being the plaintiff. Just as many Microsoft managers were present as witnesses as were employees of Epic Games. In addition, Apple accuses Microsoft and Epic games of meeting privately to discuss ways to avoid the App Store's terms of payment. Proof of private communication between the two companies would mean quite a great deal in the assessment of these recent claims. According to Apple, this behaviour from Microsoft is a clear indication that the company is using Epic Games as a stalking horse.

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