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Apple AirTags & Android Smartphones: How It Works

With Bluetooth and ultra-wideband, the AirTags have two radio technologies on board that allow them to be located by all iPhones. However, there are billions of smartphones worldwide that do not support Apple's "Find my..." network. So what can the owner of a non-Cupertino device do when they find such a smart search tag? Apple has come up with a solution for this as well.

AirTags also have NFC on board
The AirTags also have an NFC chip. This was not explicitly mentioned at the "Spring Loaded" event, but it is extremely useful in cases. This can be seen in a support document that Apple has now published (currently only available in English). Short pieces of information, such as a reference to the owner, can be stored in the search labels with the help of an iPhone or iPad. This information can then be read not only by Apple's devices, but also by any smartphone or tablet that has NFC on board.

Android smartphones can read notifications
iPhone owners receive a notification when there is an AirTag in their vicinity that does not belong to them. They then have various options to respond. In addition, the search tags draw attention to themselves with beeps if they are out of range of the iOS device assigned to them for a longer period of time. If the owner of an Android smartphone, for example, finds an AirTag, all he has to do is hold his device close to the search tag. A web page will then open with some information about the AirTag, including its serial number.



"Lost" mode reveals more information
If the owner has activated the "Lost" mode on the AirTag, the Android smartphone also displays the previously stored information. Owners of search tags are therefore well advised to save their contact information on the AirTag during setup. This increases the chances of regaining possession of lost items in view of the worldwide distribution of Android smartphones.

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