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Apple Announces An Incredible Quarter: $111.4 Billion In Revenue (USD)

It was already apparent that Apple's most recent quarter was a big one, now it's been officially confirmed. This was the most impressive quarter in history for the Cupertino-based company, with excellent numbers for several product lines. The quarterly sales were $111.4 billion, a $19.6 billion increase over the previous quarter's $98.1 billion. After accounting for costs, Apple profited $28.775 billion – a 35% growth for the company.

One factor assisting Apple's first billion in sales reaching the 3 digit mark was the fact that the initial sales of the new iPhones took place entirely between October and December. For the 4th quarter of 2020, which is also Apple's first financial quarter (beginning on October 1st of 2020), Apple reported $65.6 billion in iPhone sales. Even the most optimistic sales predictions for this quarter were still too cautious.



Results Per Division
It's been 2 years since Apple changed from reporting the exact quantity of sales to announcing only sales numbers. Accordingly, we've listed the sales numbers for each individual product division below, with numbers from the previous year in parenthesis.

(in billions)
iPhone: $65.6 (vs. $56)
Mac: $8.675 (vs. 7.2)
iPad: $8.435 (vs. $6)
Wearables/Accessories: $12.971 (vs. $10)
Services: $15.761 (vs. $12.7)

This presents a familiar picture, with the iPhone still accounting for the majority of sales and Apple's continually increasing income from services (Apple Music, iCloud, AppleCare, Genius Bar, repairs, etc.) accounting for a large percentage of growth.

According to region, Apple observed considerable gains in China, ($13.5 to $21.3 billion), in Europe ($23.2 to $27.3 billion), and in the Americas ($41.4 to $46.3 billion).

No Sales Forecast
For the 4th time in a row, Apple has held off on issuing a sales forecast, as the current situation on the world market is too uncertain with concerns of the virus influencing production and the economy.

Dividend Payments
Those holding securities on the February 8th reporting date (as set by Apple), will receive a dividend of $0.205 (USD) per stock on February 11th, with the amount of distribution for investors remaining unchanged.

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