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Apple Announces September "California Streaming" Event

The next important appointment for the Apple year has been made. Just recently, Apple confirmed everyone's suspicions and announced the highly-anticipated September event. The "California Streaming" digital event will take place on the 14th of September, starting at 10 AM Pacific Time and 1 PM Eastern Time. Unsurprisingly, Apple is still refraining from hosting physical events and has yet again chosen the online format. Since the repopulation of Apple Park is still a ways to go, events with an audience are still a no go. As far as this year is concerned, we should still be getting up to another two Apple events following the California Streaming event. In which case, "event" will mean an elaborately produced video.

The Invitation Graphic
As is normally the case with Apple events, a graphic has been released to accompany the announcement of the California Streaming event. In the past, event graphics have often contained clues as to the content or focus of the upcoming event. However, this graphic is simply a luminescent Apple logo in front of a Californian landscape – not much to go on:



Rumors About The September Event
The most likely focus of the event will be the presentation of the iPhone 13. Although 2020's September event didn't see the presentation of a new iPhone, this was only because Apple ended up having to delay the product entirely. This time around, the expected September market launch is considered concrete. There have been countless reports concerning the iPhone 13's new features over the last few months. Accordingly, the basic design should remain the same, however, the Face ID camera will shrink slightly whereas the camera module on the back of the phone will increase in size slightly. There could also be a terabyte's worth of space on the device and an "always-on" display. One report mentioned that Apple would increase the battery's capacity.

Apple Watch?
Equally likely to appear during the September event is the Apple Watch Series 7, although there have been some mentions of an iPad update as well. Apple could also reveal iOS 15's final release date to the public during the California Streaming event. Another likely candidate for an event appearance is the AirPods 3 – which have allegedly been finished for months, with Apple simply waiting for an opportune moment to release them.

New Statements Concerning Data Protection?
There could be one more very interesting topic making an event appearance. Normally, Apple uses its events as an opportunity to draw attention towards its own activity to promote agendas such as equal rights, diversity, and privacy/data protection. The latter has been under fire lately as a result of the recent discussions concerning the controversial topic of photo scanning. Thus, it's possible that Apple will provide us with another update concerning the matter and to either publicly put the matter on hold or provide us with further information.

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