Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021, 16:06 Events

Apple Announces WWDC 2021 – iOS 15, macOS 12 & More

Apple has now announced the date for this year's Apple World Wide Developers Conference – albeit, a little later than usual. The event is normally announced between the beginning and middle of March. Despite this year's delayed announcement, the event will still occur this June – as usual, from the 7th to the 11th. Apple has yet again decided upon the online platform to host the event (the coronavirus continues to complicate stuffing over 1000 people in a room together). The event will open with a prepared video, giving a short preview of the evening's most important topics. There will also be several sessions available for developers.

The event will be the first anniversary of Apple's switch to the online platform, which started in 2020. After questions were raised last year as to whether or not it would even be possible to hold a developer's conference given concerns about the virus, the new online WWDC was the first of 4 events of its kind.

WWDC 2021 Promo
As with every Apple event, there's a promo graphic for this year's WWDC visible on the invitation and information site. This time it's a pink-haired developer whose glasses mirror the date of the conference on the display of a MacBook in front of her. Those prone to speculation have of course already made connections between the graphic and the rumored AR glasses. However, it's highly unlikely that they'll be announced yet.



Expected Topics
There are already a few annual topics we can be sure of being addressed at this year's WWDC – for example, the announcements of macOS 12, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8. It remains to be seen whether there'll also be any new hardware to marvel at. Apple could take advantage of the opportunity to give us a first look at some of the upcoming high-performance Macs. This could include a look at the upcoming MacBook Pro 16" M1, and the iMac 30" M1. It's still likely to be a while until we get a look at the first Mac Pro with Apple Silicon. Market analysts don't expect an announcement of the new Mac Pro until November at the very least.

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