Monday, Jun 07, 2021, 21:15 Mac: Software

Apple Announces macOS 12 "Monterrey"

Apple has been using an annual cycle for macOS and OS X for a decade now, starting with 10.7 Lion (2011) and 10.8 Mountain Lion (2012). For this reason, it was already clear that there would also be a new version for WWDC 2021. Apple remained true to both the familiar release cycle and the naming logic. This time, it is the Californian city "Monterey" that will actively accompany us from now on. Thus, Apple did not move far geographically, because "Big Sur" closes south of Monterey.

Working across platforms
"Universal Control" is a new feature for using a single keyboard with all connected devices, whether it's a Mac or an iPad. In the demonstration, Craig Federighi was seen pushing a window from the MacBook Pro directly to an iPad for use. At the same time, Spotlight can be invoked from the Mac on the iPad.

AirPlay to Mac.
With macOS Monterey, the Mac can finally serve as an AirPlay receiver - and no longer just a transmitter. For example, it is possible to transfer a video from the iPhone via AirPlay directly to the Mac and play it there.

Shortcuts on the Mac.
"Automator" is not abandoned, but the future is "Shortcuts" known from iOS. Apple is bringing the solution to the Mac, but emphasizes compatibility and import capabilities previous Automator projects. This is a transitional phase "designed to last for years," according to the presentation.

The new version of Safari is supposed to bring more order into web use, under by a revised surface as well as functions like tab groups. This makes it possible to create a kind of "sub-tabs" by grouping tabs together. These can be synced across devices and used on the iPad as well. "The same Safari experience everywhere" is what Apple wants to create, according to Craig Federighi.



Other new features.
Safari extensions across macOS, iOS and iPadOS are another example of how Apple is making very different devices into a common platform. One gimmick is the login memojis, i.e. a display of images directly in the login screen. If you have AirPods Pro connected to the Mac, Spatial Audio is available. Apple also mentions the games folder in Launchpad - and a "Low Power Mode" when the charge state of the Mac battery is coming to an end. This has been known for many years from the iPhone, which restricts unnecessary activity at less than 20 percent.

macOS 12: System requirements
It was already leaked in advance that some older Macs can no longer be updated. According to the current information, it must be at least one of the following series for macOS 12:

  • iMac end of 2015 and later
  • iMac Pro
  • MacBook early 2016 and later
  • MacBook Pro 2015 and later
  • MacBook Air 2015 and later
  • Mac mini 2014 and later
  • Mac Pro 2013

As usual, however, not every one of the new features is available on older Macs. Universal Control, for example, requires Macs that were updated after 2016 - so MacBook Pro 2015 or Mac mini 2014, as well as the round Mac Pro, are not included.

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