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Apple Awards – MacFamilyTree 10 Featured As "Mac App Of The Year"

There are two especially important prizes for developers in the Apple cosmsos. The first is the "Design Award", normally given directly during the yearly WWDC – the second is the open-ended "App of the Year" competition. Those chosen for this reward by Apple as exemplary for their inspiration, innovation, and high-value products can more than pat themselves on the back without fear of feeling self-indulgent. After all, there's an exceptionally large amount of competition on the App Store. As with the last two years – there are several different categories for this year's awards. Per each hardware platform (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch), there's an "App of the Year" and a "Game of the Year". Apple also featured 5 additional apps of significant cultural influence on the awards podium. Thus, out of hundreds of thousands of available apps, there are 15 winners.

MacFamilyTree 10 – "Mac App Of The Year"
We are incredibly proud to be able to read our own name amongst the list of this year's winners. Synium Software, head of the largest Mac news site in Germany (MacTechNews.de) – as well as being operator of mtech.news (MacTechNews' English counterpart) and the developer of many fantastic apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, managed to take home the big prize this year: Our app, MacFamilyTree 10, was just declared "Mac App of the Year" after its exceptional 25-year history and 10 major versions.



About MacFamilyTree 10
MacFamilyTree 10 enables users to capture and visualize their family's history via a diverse set of possibilities. You can draw upon billions of genealogical records in the app's built-in "FamilySearch" archive for research without paying a single extra cent, or perform your family history detective work on the go with MobileFamilyTree for iPhone and iPad. Whether you want to display your family's relationships in reports, visually impressive diagrams, or even innovative 3D views via the virtual tree – or if you want to collaborate with family members in real-time to work on your FamilyTree, it doesn't matter – MacFamilyTree 10 is the perfect and most comprehensive genealogy software for you.

Other Winners Of This Year's App Awards

iPhone App Of The Year: BeReal by BeReal
iPad App Of The Year: GoodNotes 5 by Time Base Technology Limited
AppleTV App Of The Year: ViX by TelevisaUnivision Interactive, Inc.
Watch App Of The Year: Gentler Streak by Gentler Stories LLC

iPhone Game Of The Year: Apex Legends Mobile by Electronic Arts
iPad Game Of The Year: Moncage by X.D. Network Inc.
Mac Game Of The Year: Inscryption by Devolver
Apple TV Game Of The Year: El Hijo by HandyGames
Apple Arcade Game Of The Year: Wylde Flowers by Studio Drydock Pty Ltd.
Chinesisches Game Of The Year: League of Legends Esports Manager by Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd.

Apps & Games Of Significant Cultural Influence

This year, Apple didn't only select the best apps and games, but also programs which have had a significant cultural impact, enriching society in the process:

How We Feel by the How We Feel Project, Inc.
Dot’s Home by the Rise-Home Stories Project
Locket Widget by Locket Labs, Inc
Waterllama by Vitalii Mogylevets
Inua - A Story in Ice and Time by ARTE Experience

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