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Apple CEO Elon Musk? Musk Denies Existence Of Bizzare Story

A rather odd story is making its way through the websites and forums right now. A reporter from The Wall Street Journal, Tim Higgins, recently published his book "Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century". The book examines a telephone conversation alleged to have occurred between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk – whose company was in dire need of financial support following concerns that the planned release of the "Model 3" could become quite the debacle.

The Alleged Phone Call
In hopes of avoiding any kind of insolvency, Musk proposed that Apple could purchase Tesla – but only under one condition. Musk would retain his position as CEO. There's a standard for this at Apple in the past, after purchasing Beats, Apple allowed Beats employees to retain their former positions within the company – albeit under Apple. However, Musk stressed that he didn't mean just retaining his position as head of Tesla's division under Apple – he meant CEO of Apple. Cook allegedly ended the call with an F word, according to Tim Higgins.



Musk Denies The Story & Provides An Alternative
After reports of the story began to initially surface, leading to quite the discussions online, Elon Musk tried to "clear things up" in his usual manner any time his antics tend to find him in hot water – via Twitter. According to Musk, there are a few things about the story that aren't true. His statement seems quite reasonable and is in many ways much more believable than the rather dramatic situation proposed in the book. It could be that Higgins is simply taking advantage of Musk's rather eccentric reputation to try and spin a story for more sales and media attention. Musk did however confirm that he had offered to sell Tesla to Apple at one point in time. However, at the time, "Tesla was worth about 6% of today’s value", and Cook and Musk never "spoke" nor wrote to each other as Cook "refused to meet" – meaning that no terms were met or discussed.

Musk Did Indeed Want To Sell Tesla To Apple
In a recently released interview, Tim Cook clarified that he had never spoken with Musk in any kind of detail. However, the Apple CEO is quite impressed with what the company has achieved and admires its accolades, holding much of the company and its staff in high regard – it's well known that Apple gladly recruits former Tesla employees. It's been known since 2020 that Musk would have happily sold Tesla to Apple, and at the time, Musk confirmed what had already been suspected for years in the industry. Despite the low purchase price and Apple's automotive ambitions, Cook never ended up considering the idea.

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