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Apple Car: Apple Purchases Giant Testing Property & Acquires Mercedes Professionals

Over the last few days, there have been different reports concerning the highly-anticipated "Apple Car" (or, concerning its development at least). Whereas this spring, the question was which company Cupertino would choose as a production partner, things are now far enough along that Apple has switched its focus to test driving. According to California's Department of Transportation, autonomous Apple vehicles approved by the department drove more in the last 12 months than ever before. Now, it's been revealed that Apple has acquired a giant testing property in Arizona. Up until 2005, the areal was used by Chrysler, however, it's been rented by Apple proxy the company "Route 14 Investment Partners" since 2016.

The testing property in Arizona on Google Maps from the ground and aerial view.



Now it has been revealed that Apple has bought the testing property outright via the aforementioned proxy company. The agreement was signed on the 25th of June when the property was sold for US$125 million. The testing arena contains high-speed tracks as well as various different courses containing obstacles and facets of daily life such as sidewalks or crossings. The car's response to and handling in different weather conditions can also be tested on the course.

Mercedes Specialists Switch To Apple
Apple has also been busy in another aspect beyond physical acquisition. Since the start of the "Apple Car" project at the end of 2014 and the start of 2015, Apple began a large poaching tour, like hunters in the Sahara desert – except the hunted game wasn't endangered species, it was employees from established automobile companies. However, the team shrank significantly following this. In the last few months, Apple has begun poaching with renewed effort. For example, the "father" of BMW's i3 started his employment in Cupertino several weeks ago. It's also come out that another veteran of the industry has changed colors and switched to Apple. Dr. Anton Uselmann, who was formerly employed at Mercedes and was responsible for developing the steering systems in Mercedes' AMG line. Before his employment at Mercedes, he worked for Porsche for 6 years with the same task. According to his own description, his job is to prepare steering systems for mass production. Apple also managed to seduce another Mercedes engineer, whose name has not yet been made public.

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