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Apple Car: Screenshot & Icons Of Internal Apple App Leaked – Is This How The Apple Car Will Look?

From time to time, internal Apple test builds for upcoming versions of iOS or internal testing programs leak out into the public – as appears to be exactly the case with Cupertino's "Project Titan". The code named development concerns Apple's very own Apple Car, according to a diverse set of sources. Twitter user "@andreyauxenfers" – who has gotten a hold of Apple software early multiple times in the past, alleges to now have a copy of an internal test version of some of the software in Project Titan.

According to the description file, the software is a pre-release version of iOS 16 which Apple should debut for the first time this summer at the WWDC.




FleetView & FleetComm
In the profile management portion, two apps can be found unknown to previous versions of iOS – FleetView and FleetComm. It's still unclear exactly what purpose these apps will serve. As per the names, it's possible that they will see implementation for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.

Unfortunately, andreyauxenfers has yet to publish any images of the actual apps, only of their profile management and interior icons. From this, it's also clear that Apple is using an enterprise certificate with the extension "Titan" to install the apps on iPhone. However, it's not yet clear whether these are even real screenshots or not.

Icons With "Apple Car"
Two icons reveal a very round, futuristic looking car. One icon is named "car space gray@2x.png". The "@2x" prefix reveals that the icon is an image in doubled resolution and actually has nothing to do with the title of the image.

It's very unlikely that this icon has anything to do with the design of the upcoming Apple Car and the icon is more likely no more than a placeholder. Apple is currently utilizing a diverse set of vehicles to test out the technology it will ship with the eventual "Apple Car". Thus far, Cupertino has worked most closely with Lexus.

Release Still A Few Years Out
Currently, market analysts don't expect any Apple Car in the immediately foreseeable future. The earliest likely time for release would be 2025 – however, since the project is still in such early stages, it's very difficult to predict an actual release date.

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