Tuesday, Feb 09, 2021, 14:04 Economy

Apple Car: Talks Between Hyundai & Apple Abandoned – Back To Square One?

As of just last week, we all thought that Apple had found a production partner in Hyundai/Kia for the Apple Car. Several tech-news outlets reported that the talks were approaching the home stretch and a contract was would be written up soon. Things seem to have taken a change though, with Hyundai now publicly stating that there won't be any kind of deal with Apple. Right afterward, the manufacturer submitted regulatory documents to the SEC verifying that Hyundai is currently talking to several "providers" about autonomous vehicles.

The Talks Ended One Week Ago
According to Bloomberg, negotiations between Hyundai and Apple came to a standstill a week ago. It's unknown as to whether or the cause of the disagreement was due to fundamentally different approaches or strategic in nature – Hyundai was worried about being demoted to a "contract manufacturer" in the eyes of the public. However, the sudden end to the talks is a surprising development, as it was thought that a preliminary decision had already been made. It was also believed that Apple was investing billions into the expected automobile-platform. Maybe the ordeal thing was orchestrated just to throw us for a loop?



Hyundai & Apple Looking For Partners
According to market experts, Hyundai is still looking for partners for self-driving cars, even if Apple is no longer the company's first choice in the matter. In a report from Bloomberg released this Friday, Apple's been talking to other manufacturers for quite some time (Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and others). This doesn't necessarily mean that the plans with Hyundai are over forever, it's always possible that Hyundai and Apple could return to talks, just as many ex-partners get back together in the non-corporate world – but sometimes the disagreements between two individuals in a short relationship are too great to allow for it.

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