Thursday, Jul 01, 2021, 16:24 Mac: Hardware

Apple Combating Delays For MacBook Pro 16" With Direct Investment

When Apple first developed its plan for the upcoming notebooks, the direct results of the coronavirus pandemic were still yet to be foreseen – as were the fallout and shortages that the pandemic would later cause in the chip market. Current reports are in agreement that Apple actually wanted to have multiple devices undergo the switch to mini LED as early as 2020. At the moment, however, it looks as if the first mini LED notebooks will be coming this fall – up until now the iPad Pro 12.9" was the only device able to undergo the transition. Given this current information, mini LED is likely the only limiting factor for the newest expected hardware release. In addition, it's alleged that the only reason for the current delays of the MacBook Pro 16" are as a direct result of current delays in mini LED production – although Apple is intervening to keep things on track by investing directly into the production process.

Apple Provides Manufacturer With Additional Equipment
According to a report from DigiTimes, Apple is investing a fat 200 million US$ directly into the manufacturing process – in hopes of speeding the production of the necessary mini LED panels. Apple would like to enable the production of an additional 800,000 displays per month and is thus making an important direct contribution in order to meet the high mark. The aforementioned investment is said to provide the manufacturer "Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology" with the much-needed support to accomplish the task. The equipment from Apple will be set to use in a Chinese factory. At the same time, Apple is also looking for more suppliers, as the demand for iPad panels still hasn't been met.



Full Production Volume By October
Current predictions foresee a start of production for the MacBook Pro 14" and 16" as possible by September, with production at full capacity by October. This concurs with reports from other sources and although there will be no announcement before the release of the next generation of iPhones – Apple should be planning a start of sales for this fall. However, one thing can still be predicted for sure – not even the MacBook Pro is likely to be protected from delivery delays and long waiting times.

New Features & Specifications Have Already Been Discussed
Reports concerning the specifications of the upcoming MacBook Pro have already circulated for quite some time. According to the most popular reports – a fast chip with twice as many performance cores is expected to be used, the 14" MacBook Pro's display will be enlarged by an inch, and multiple connections such as MagSafe and HDMI are likely to make a comeback. Additionally, the controversial Touch Bar may finally meet its end after 5 years.

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