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Apple Discontinues The HomePod

Apple announced the first HomePod at the World Wide Developer's Conference in the summer of 2017. The HomePod was Apple's first attempt at a smart speaker, distancing itself from the competition in terms of its high sound quality. Test reports have indeed confirmed the high fidelity of the smart speaker's audio – however, integration of the HomePod's voice assistant, Siri, was lacking in comparison to that offered by competitors such as Google or Amazon. Throughout the course of the HomePod's 3 years on the shelves, Apple has continually improved support for Siri features.

In comparison to other smart speakers, the US$299 HomePod is quite an investment. Quite a few reports indicate that it's the speaker's high price that has led to its relative lack of success on the market. In November of last year, Apple released the HomePod mini for US$99 – the speaker has been so popular that there were week-long delays in delivery times at and after the product's launch.



Discontinuation Of The Original HomePod
As relayed to TechCrunch by Apple, the HomePod has now been officially discontinued – there won't be a replacement for the original HomePod, but the massively successful HomePod mini will remain available. The original HomePod will continue to be sold until supplies run out and will continue to receive support from Apple in the form of updates and repairs.

Already Sold-Out
The "Space Gray" version of the HomePod has already been sold-out in the USA and has been out of stock for several days now. At first, sources believed this indicated that a new version of the HomePod was in the works, maybe even to be announced at an Apple event by the end of this month. However, nobody expected the product's discontinuation.

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