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Apple Faces Accusations Of Patent Infringement Concerning Apple Watch Series 6

Modern smartwatches are much more than just a watch or a small wrist computer. For years now, Apple has marketed the Apple Watch also as a medical device, packing numerous high precision sensors inside the device's small housing. It's even possible for the device to hold single-channel EKGs and sensors capable of measuring blood-oxygen content. The latter made its debut with the Apple Watch Series 6 and is now the cause of legal dispute with no agreement currently in sight between the company and sensor manufacturer Massimo. In short, Massimo has accused Apple of patent infringement.

Was Tech Stolen For The Apple Watch Series 6?
Massimo holds patents for noninvasive monitoring methods, specializing in blood oxygen content. It's this exact technology which Massimo currently accuses Apple of having used without the company's permission or observation of the relevant patent protections. The U.S. International Trade Commission is now forcing Apple to delay the start of sales for the Apple Watch Series 6 until an agreement is met between Cupertino and Massimo. In total, Apple has not only infringed upon one of Massimo's protected patents but five. As proof that Apple consciously and intentionally infringed upon Massimo's patent rights, the company points to Apple having courted several of its key employees back in 2014.



Infringement & Deception – According To Massimo
To make matters worse, the Apple Watch Series 6's blood oxygen sensor wasn't simply an additional feature, Apple marketed it as one of the major medical innovations to the Series 6. At the same time, however, the company is absolving itself of responsibility and deceiving customers by including in fine print that the feature (advertised as a medical feature) should not be used as a medical feature nor relied upon as such.

Quarrel's Roots Go Back To Before The First Apple Watch
The battle over blood oxygen between Apple and Massimo sensors has its roots in the past. For years now, Massimo has accused Apple of having systematically planned and executed the theft of trade secrets under the pretext of "cooperative work". These statements from Massimo are older than the device itself, from the days where the Apple Watch was no more than a rumor with the "iWatch" name – back then, Massimo had accused Apple of corporate espionage after several personal changes. As a high ranking manager at the time said, Apple was simply buying out key employees and one can only hope that Apple hasn't done what it has been accused of.

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