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Apple Getting Rid Of Free Year Of Apple TV+, New Device Users Restricted To 3 Months

At the beginning of this year, Apple expanded the already generous offer for Apple TV+ freebies. Those who had already gotten a year's worth of content from a hardware purchase were then given an extra three, and then six months of free subscription time. At the time, Apple stated that this was a reaction to production delays to placate customers. The current content portfolio should actually be much broader, however, the coronavirus pandemic brought some of the planned expansion to a halt. Recently, however, there's been a drastic change of direction. Soon, hardware purchases will no longer include a free year trial of Apple TV+, although new device owners will still have access to a shorter trial period.

Starting This July: Only 3 Months Of Apple TV+ With Purchase Of New Devices
The brains at Cupertino have decided to reduce the free trial period for Apple TV+ to three months starting this July. This makes the trial period exactly as long as the current length of the trial period for the Apple Arcade gaming service – and with the purchase of a new device, users can receive another three months of free (excluding the device price tag) trial time.

It's still unknown how many users will have taken advantage of Apple's offer before the trial period gets reduced – however, Apple has probably decided that increased traction from the extended trial period could turn into increased revenue for the company. If the majority of users activate their free Apple TV+ trial period directly after the purchase of a device, then the number of accounts is likely to have seen a dip. New device owners didn't get a free trial with the purchase of every device, free trials were only given once per user.



Offer Expanded Significantly
Although the content variety on Apple TV+ still lags behind that of some of the competition, the service has still grown considerably. By the end of this year, there should be another 80 films and series added to the platform exclusively produced by Apple. At the same time, Apple TV+ is also less expensive than Disney+ or Netflix at US$4.99 per month or US$49.99 per year. At least two series may convince users to stick with the service after their free trial has run out. "Ted Lasso" attracted a good number of viewers to the service in addition to the second season of "The Morning Show".

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