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Apple Has 10 Practical Tips For iOS 15 Users

Apple recently released a video titled "10 helpful iPhone tips" on its official YouTube channel. To be more precise, the channel isn't simply an "Apple channel" for special events, announcements, or things like that – it's specifically the Apple Support channel. Since the channel's inception a little while back, Apple has uploaded various tips and tutorials on the channel –along with also introducing even experienced users with some of the more hidden functions present within Apple devices.

The Following Tips Are In The Most Recent Video:



  • Calculator App: If you've made a mistake while inputting your numbers, simply swipe backwards on the number to undo your most recent input.
  • Messages: You can "pin" content to find it again later more easily. By tapping and holding on shared content, it's possible to pin it and save it for later. All apps supporting the "Shared With You" feature support this action.
  • Stapling Widgets To The Homescreen: To do this, activate the "wobble mode" (edit mode to remove or rearrange apps on the iOS or iPadOS home screen). Combining two widgets on the home screen will staple them together. According to Apple, the most relative Widget will always appear first.
  • Select Multiple Photos With One Gesture: To utilize this tip, simply press one photo, drag it to another position and then tap on the other photos to create a photo staple. The staple is transferrable to any other desired apps via the App Switcher.
  • Text Replacement: In the iOS System Settings, under General, the option Keyboard can be found. There, the Text Replacement setting can be customized to automatically convert select acronyms into longer text expressions.

  • Camera App From the Lock Screen: Some users have likely overlooked this feature. Swiping directly to the left from the lock screen will pull up the camera app. This makes it possible to quickly snap photos.
  • Scan Documents Via Notes: The Notes app has a camera button. When pressed, it allows the user to quickly photograph documents and then cut or realign them before saving. The results are usually rather impressive.
  • Copy Text From Photos: A new feature from iOS 15. If you point your camera at text elements, a frame will appear, allowing you to copy the section. The "scan" button on the bottom left will allow you to then copy and paste the text.
  • Photos App: Skipping to the oldest photo – a feature that users have likely more often than not unwillingly activated. With the app open in any device orientation, simply tap at the very top of the display, and the photos app will scroll to the oldest photo in the album.
  • Pull Up Search From Home Or Lock Screen: Simply swipe downwards with your finger, and the Search bar will appear. Although this feature has been available for quite some time on the home screen, it has also been possible on the lock screen since iOS 15.

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