Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021, 20:16 Mac: Hardware

Apple Introduces The All New iMac – With M1 Chip

The next model series in the Mac range will soon be beating with a heart from Apple's own development, because after MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, it is the iMac's turn now. While you couldn't tell from the outside of the first three M1 Macs how much has changed in terms of architecture, the new iMac is quite clearly distinguishable from its predecessors of the last nine years. The iMac still sticks to the fully integrated concept, consisting of a flat screen including components behind the display. The proportions, on the other hand, have changed because Apple was able to shrink the edges around the display area, thus increasing the diagonal at the same time. In general, Apple modernized the entire look - and made it colorful. The "small" iMac relies on a 24" screen, replacing the 21.5" iMac. Previously it was a 4K, now a 4.5K display.

Thin, cool - much better.
During the iMac presentation, Apple once again praised the tremendous performance of the M1 chip - which was received with great enthusiasm by the tech world. The new iMac was designed "from the ground up" for the new M1 chip, according to Apple. In view of the low heat development, Apple naturally had the opportunity to design a particularly slim case. For the new iMac, Apple does not need the massive cooling system, nor an architecture designed for separate CPU and graphics card. The iMac is only as thick as a thin notebook, and the protruding back is history. The device is supposed to be completely silent in operation. At the same time, Apple also improved the camera and even the sound system - which offers unprecedented sound quality.

iMac 2021: Accessories, price, availability of the new generation.
When ordering, there are three different keyboards to choose from, two of them with Touch ID for the first time. Communication takes place directly with the Secure Enclave in the M1 chip, so the transmission is encrypted and cannot be cracked. The largest keyboard variant also has a numeric keypad. The user can choose between seven case colors. The prices start at $1299, with three premium colors (purple, orange, yellow) it's at least $1499. Apple states that the new iMac will be available to customers from mid-May, and the device can be ordered from the end of April. Important note: The entry-level only has seven GPU cores, the same as the basic MacBook Air model.



Future outlook: The big iMac is missing.
Since Apple only updated the small iMac and continues to offer the iMac 27" with Intel inside, one thing can be concluded: Apple is preparing the model replacement of the large iMac for a later point in time and will definitely not rely on an M1 then. Otherwise, two display diagonals would have been released today. That high-end iMac is supposed to have Apple's own graphics card and up to 32 "performance" cores.

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