Tuesday, Apr 12, 2022, 17:18 Mac: Hardware

Apple Mentions New Mac mini In Mac Studio Display's Firmware

Mark Gurman just recently promised that there would be two new Mac presentations at this year's WWDC in June. Now, there are some pretty concrete indications that he was at least half spot on. In the past, it hasn't been uncommon for Apple to provide some clues about or references to new hardware IDs in the system files of current Apple products, which is exactly what just happened with respect to a new Mac mini. A comb-through of the Mac Studio Display's firmware reveals mention of a "Macmini10.1". The mention very clearly concerns the next generation of Apple's compact desktop computer – after all, the current Mac mini's internal hardware ID goes by the moniker "Macmini9.1", and the version before that, 8.1.

Mac mini 2022 This Summer?
Such findings also provide some limited information about potential release dates. When Apple notes new hardware in description files, it's not normally that long until the start of sales. Often times, the presentation occurs during the same version of the operating system as the version in which the mention was found. Gurman's estimation of "middle of 2022" thus applies to likely more than simply the MacBook Air and is likely to go for the Mac mini as well. That being said, there are some contradictory statements as to what interior parts the next compact Mac desktop might rely on.



The Question Everyone Is Asking – M1 Or M2?
Leakers and tech journalists have often forecast that Apple would eventually release a Pro version of the Mac mini with more cores built in. Other sources have reported that the Mac mini would be one of the first Macs with an M2 chip. The exact same discussion also exists concerning the MacBook Air. There are currently some heavy doubts as to whether or not Apple will equip any device with an M2 before the entire Mac line up has made the full switch to Apple Silicon. At the end of 2022/beginning of 2023, the Intel Mac Pro is set to be the final personal computer at Cupertino to make the transition to Apple's in-house processors. According to the most recent reports, the upcoming Apple Silicon Mac Pro is set to receive a chip consisting of a combination of two M1 Ultras. It's already considered certain that an M1 Pro will offer considerably more performance than even an M2 – thus it seems relatively unlikely for the Mac mini to have both an M2 and M1 Pro model in the same line up at one time, the situation could be confusing to customers as to which device is more powerful.

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