Friday, Mar 10, 2023, 16:16 Mac: Software

Apple Music Classical – Details, Availability, Requirements

Although one of the first questions on the online was why Apple has yet to plan an "Apple Music Heavy Metal", Apple Music Classical will likely remain the sole spin-off of any app especially tailored for a specific musical style. The app has been available for a free-to-download pre-order since yesterday – however, usage does require a regular subscription to Apple Music. Apple has specified March 28th as the app's official launch. The iPhone version requires at least iOS 15.4. Apple itself has been very secretive and certainly isn't shouting about the app from any rooftops. Nevertheless, there are indeed many new details about the classical music service.

For iPhone – Not iPad
Interestingly enough, Apple is only releasing the classical music version of the app for iPhones and there's not an iPad version on the list of priorities either. However, Apple does plan to support Android next, according to an official statement. The app's UI does resemble the current Music app, but it's a little simplified in several areas. There's no radio tab or purchase section for albums or concerts.



A Focus On Editorial Content
Apple's initial inspiration for Apple Music Classical comes from Primephonic, a classical music streaming service acquired by Apple in 2021. Apple will continue in the tradition of the service's previous iteration and is also expanding the previous offer with a large amount of editorial content. This includes specially designed artwork for artists and albums, background and historical information, biographies, and chronological classifications and denotations of each respective epoch. The song text button from the Music app is missing, but there is an info button for the previously mentioned content.

Rapid Expansion Planned
Apple has mentioned thousands of exclusive albums, hundreds of curated playlists, and 5 million offered titles available on the classical music off-shoot at no additional cost for Apple Music subscribers. Both the catalog and the editorial content will be expanded. The first artists' portraits will be of Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, and Johann Sebastian Bach – with more content coming soon. There's also already an official Twitter channel for the app.

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