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Apple On Mac Studio – "Completely New Product Category Between iMac & Mac Pro"

With the Mac Studio, Apple introduced an entirely new line of its in-house computers. With respect to the sales start, multiple heads at Apple offered their insights concerning the concept of the currently most powerful Mac. The interview touches on multiple facets of the device, from its design to its incredible performance, and even its number of available connection ports. The new Studio Display also came up.

More Than Just A "Supped Up Mac mini"
The Mac Studio is a completely new product and much more than a simply beefed-up Mac mini. More than anything else, Apple wanted a device capable of uncompromisingly revealing the M1's full true potential in a system between the range of the rather big jump in both price and performance from the iMac to the Mac Pro – as per Cupertino's head of product marketing for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, Tom Boger, in his interview on TechCrunch with Mathew Pazarino.



The new Apple desktop is designed for placement on the work table so that customers always have access to its various physical connections – making the mix between compact design and high-powered computer very important. Although compact designs normally lead to performance limitations, this isn't the case with the Mac Studio – largely in part due to the device's innovative fan design. Hundreds of fan simulations were run before the best design was eventually found.

Mac Studio Fits Under Most Displays
Apple's Xander Soren (head of marketing for Apple's Pro apps) also pointed to the Mac Studio's modularity. With its new compact powerhouse, Apple isn't following the same philosophy as traditional PCs, which are designed with exchangeable RAM, graphics cards, and SSDs (as in the case of the Mac Pro). Instead, Cupertino is concentrating more on the device's ports and potential for external hardware connections.

Apple has clearly been listening to user feedback over the years and placed some of the ports for the Mac Studio on the front of the device – making access to connections even easier than otherwise. However, even the ports on the back of the device are relatively easy to access – especially given how easy it is to pick up and turn the device due to its light weight. Apple has also orientated the height of the Mac Studio to fit under many common external displays – and the device does fit under most displays quite easily.

A13 Chip In Studio Display Intended For Intel Mac Users
Boger characterized Apple's new Studio Display as a great mainstream display intended for anyone who owns a Mac. The display is adapted for all Mac computers, whether MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, its Mac Studio namesake, or the Mac Pro. The display's integrated A13 chip is intended for users with Intel Macs, and many of these users will receive support for features such as Spatial Audio via loudspeaker or the webcam's Center Stage that require an in-house Apple chip.

Concerning Webcam Complaints
The interview did not involve a discussion about the webcam's display quality – possibly because reports from users concerning the matter were not yet known at the time. However, Apple recently released a software update that should remedy the issue.

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