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"Apple One" Subscription Service As Early As October? Receive New Hardware Every Year?

The days when biyearly cycles for the sale of new mobile phones were common are long gone. This cycle was determined by the uniqueness of the mobile phone market – with the majority of sales occurring alongside biyearly contracts in the form of subsidized hardware. However, various market studies report that average usage span has increased considerably, and now lay somewhere between three and four years. For a smartphone manufacturer such as Apple, this kind of market behavior represents a barrier to sales with each release of a model's new generation. However, Cupertino has a plan to implement the appropriate countermeasures. A new addition, similar to the "iPhone Upgrade Program", will enable Apple customers in the USA to receive a copy of the current iPhone, including AppleCare+, for a monthly payment of US$40. According to surveys, the offer has received resounding popularity and even Apple itself sang the program's praise multiple times during the company's quarterly conference.

From "iPhone Upgrade Program" To Apple One+
Just a few months ago, Bloomberg reported that Apple sees the iPhone Upgrade Program as only the first step on the path towards fully-implemented hardware subscriptions. According to Mark Gurman, it could have been possible that the service would be ready by the time of the iPhone 14's launch – however, Apple delayed the program's start as to not over complicate the first day of sale. It's now starting to look as if the "Apple One" subscription packet may soon include hardware components. This would mark the program's switch from solely a digital service provider to one also offering hardwood products such as the iPhone and iPad, including AppleCare+.



Possess All Current Apple Devices
In terms of price, the actual offer should differ from the current iPhone Upgrade Program – with Apple doing more than simply breaking up the price over a span of 24 months. With respects to the yearly cycles for the iPphone, Apple Watch, and the iPad – the company should be able to calculate the program's demand quite accurately. Old devices sent back and exchanged for new ones throughout the duration of the program are likely to then be sold for second-hand use – although Apple has yet to provide any concrete indications yet.

Program Start In October?
A possible appointment time for the announcement of the expected program is the unofficially confirmed, yet heavily rumored Apple event in October. This event should see the release of the new Macs and iPads, and likely also the start of the Apple Hardware/Software subscription service. Longterm, it will likely be possible to lease Macs throught the program and thus receive access to Apple's entire current portfolio via monthly payment – and for Apple, that would mean consistently high sales numbers, doing away with the hurdle that reliance on a heavy one-time payment presents.

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