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Apple Plans To Show Advertisements In Apple Maps

"Search ads" in the App Store for iOS and iPadOS represent a massive financial success for Apple. Any businesses, developers, or entities registered for the network can utilize specific target criteria to address desired users or search terms. For App Store visitors, these paid-for results appear first under search results and are also available in the form of individualized app recommendations within the App Store. Apple's intentions of expanding its advertising business, even into new spaces or with new offers, have been known for a while. According to Mark Gurman, the company is currently working on offering advertisements for a previously ad-free product – Apple Maps.

Advertisements In Search Results
Of course, Apple doesn't plan to introduce advertising banners – rather, the company will follow the same, less-intrusive model seen in the App Store. For example, a restaurant hoping to target more potential customers will receive advertising offers for specific search queries. If purchased, this will then cause the business to appear at the top of specific search results for "restaurants". However, it's still unknown exactly when the new advertising operation will begin. Gurman only mentioned that the service should be ready by next year. As early as a few weeks ago, a few new positions at Apple had already popped up after the release of some recent job advertisements – the content of which hinted at some of Apple's plans detailed in this current article.



[b]The Goal – 2.5x More Ad Revenue[b]
At the moment, Apple's advertising network in the App Store earns the company around US$4 billion in sales. This figure includes fees, which Apple charges developers for favorable placement within search results. Allegedly, the company's current goal in expanding its ad service to Apple Maps includes the expansion of its entire advertising sector to US$10 billion in sales in the foreseeable future. To accomplish this, new advertising platforms must be found or created. Options other than Apple Maps could include tactics such as blending in advertisements during sports broadcasts, where Cupertino is currently investing a large sum, or even integrating advertisements within the Spotlight search system.

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