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Apple Press Release – Considerable Difficulties Encountered During iPhone Production

Two months have now passed since the iPhone 14 hit the market. Although it did seem for a while as if the initial delivery problems of the last few years had finally cleared up, the situation has recently taken a turn for the worse. Current delivery prognoses in the Apple Online Store continue to increase and increase, with current prognoses in the US for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max ranging all the way to the second week of December. Thus, for those hoping to purchase a new iPhone as a Christmas gift to themselves or others don't have much time left. The situation is entirely different when it comes to the standard models. An iPhone 14 purchased today will be delivered immediately after purchase and the same goes for the iPhone 14 Plus in the United States.

Press Release – There Are Problems
In a rather unusual step, Apple has now published a press release concerning the current situation. Titled "Update on supply of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max", Apple details the reasons for the current delays. Accordingly, new restrictions due to Covid-19 are the source of limited production of Pro models at the moment. Currently, the major production factories are working at maximal capacity. Apple also references China's very odd Corona politics, which have already led to multiple production bottlenecks.



Unclear As To When Or If Situation Will Improve
High demand is still being observed – although the supply still remains limited. This, of course, all means longer wait times for customers. The press release mentions that Apple is working closely with suppliers to do everything possible to restore normal production. As throughout the course of the pandemic, Cupertino reiterates its continued intentions to place the health of employees before all else.

A Difficult Quarter
The fact that Apple has even released such a report in the first place may be due to stock exchange laws – basically indicating a profit warning. Since the Pro models have traditionally achieved especially strong margins and would be overrepresented in the company's total profit – such pronounced delays could have negative consequences as far as Apple's quarterly results are concerned. Either way, Apple had already indicated that the upcoming quarter was expected to be a difficult one, for multiple reasons.

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