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"Apple Reality Pro" – New Hardware In February, Followed By Two More Models

By early 2022, Apple has sem-officially confirmed its development of a new product category. After years of pretty obvious indications of an upcoming AR implement, a "RealityOS" mention was found within the code of one of Apple's operating systems. Shortly thereafter the company then submitted a trademark under the aforementioned name – "Reality Pro", "Reality One", "Reality Processor" were then recently added. Cupertino's intentions should be clear here, at least to those who have been paying attention of the past few years: Apple's pending entry into the AR and VR market is likely to become a reality soon. According to Bloomberg, Apple had actually planned the first generation of the AR/VR device for this summer or fall with the occasion of the WWDC set to serve as the presentation. However, it's reported that the company delayed this decision for tactical reasons.

Three Models – 1 This Spring?
As per Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple is now approaching the homestretch of an Apple Reality Pro presentation and release. This should occur this spring, although there's not likely to be much time between the announcement and start of sales. Gurman states that Apple is not just working on one model, but three – carrying the internal model numbers N301, N602 and N421. N301 should be the pilot product, or the Apple Reality Pro. N602 would then represent the first upgraded variant, whilst also including a more affordable option for standard users. However, things are shaping up to be particularly exciting for model number N421, which should be more than simply an enclosed headset and possess its own functions similarly to a computer but within a standard pair of glasses.



Product Name
What is the product name is concerned, there's even been some confusion with an Apple as to the official name. Various recommendations such as "Apple Vision" and "Apple Reality", although a previously frequently mentioned "Apple Glass" popped up during the early days of the project – it no longer seems as if this will be the official operating name. The decision to switch to "Apple Reality" seems to have been a relatively recent one, per Gurman's remarks.

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