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Apple Records Record Sales – Surprising Analysts, Yet Again

Really, it's almost expected at this point that Apple's quarterly results actually exceed all expectations – somehow, the company keeps managing to surprise us all, surpassing the prognoses of Wall Street even more so than previously conceived. This is exactly the case when it comes to the recently passed, third business quarter, which marks the end of 2022's financial year at Apple. Cupertino brought home a sales figure of US$90.1 billion – resulting in a profit of US$20.7 billion according to the company's quarterly report.

For comparison: The same period last year witnessed US$83.4 billion in sales amounting to US$20 billion in profit. In reference to 2020, these numbers from last year represent almost a doubling from the year prior. Q4/2020 was, however, also an unusual case – Apple wasn't able to release the new iPhone generation within the expected time frame due to coronavirus related delays.



The Numbers Per Division
The following table illustrates total sales numbers alongside the yield of each individual division. Additionally, the comparison value for the previous year's same period is also indicated in US$ billions. Apple has, unfortunately, long since ceased to document exact sales quantities.

Q4 2022 Q4 2021 Q4 2020
Sales 90.1 83.4 64.7
Profit 20.7 20 12.7
iPhone 42.6 38.9 26.4
Mac 11.5 9.2 9.03
iPad 7.2 8.2 6,8
Services 19.2 18.3 14.5
Other 9.6 8.7 7.8

The following table reveals a more or less expected portrait of the company, the Mac continues to perform impressively, and the service department continues to grow seemingly unstoppably. Although the iPhone 14's sales numbers did shrink somewhat in comparison to previous years, customers are going for the top models now more than ever, as reflected by last quarter's sales numbers – as Apple yet again flaunts its profits. The costs of research and development did increase, and more noticeable than anything else were the higher purchase prices and the investments recorded in logistics – around US$5 billion.

Other Important Data
As has been the case for almost two and a half years now, Apple continues to forgo a prognosis for the upcoming quarter. The company's current dividends remain unchanged, 23 cents per share – payable to all those who hold shares by the cut-off date (7th of November). More than anything else, Apple stressed how well it was able to defy the very volatile and difficult-to-predict nature of the current market in its press release.

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